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The team

The team    -    Board of Directors


Team 2010. Credit : Elias Djemil



What a year! We are absolutely thrilled to present you this year’s QCFF, an edition adorned with an array of cinematic novelties and exciting experiences that go far beyond the movie theatre! These initiatives, most of which stem from highly anticipated projects that are near and dear to our hearts, are sure to add that little je-ne-sais-quoi to the festival experience you’ve come to know and love over the years. 

Among these, notable mentions are our VR hub at Place d’Youville, our constantly-evolving professional events, and the numerous exhibits presented in collaboration with Méduse, la Maison pour la Danse, la Maison de la Littérature, the National Assembly of Quebec, l’ENAP (we’re finally in Lower Town, ya!), and the long-awaited unveiling of the new Le Diamant.

THANK YOU to our honorary presidents and their commitment to our growth, to our remarquable cinephile for her helpful programming job, to our board of directors, our hundreds of new and long-time collaborators, partners and precious volunteers, who work relentlessly to support an event that stands out in the Québec cultural landscape. You make us very proud!

Wishing you a great festival dear cinephiles, we can’t wait to talk film with you!




The team behind QCFF

Founders |  Olivier Bilodeau, Marie-Christine Laflamme, Christophe Lemmonier

Exécutive and Artistic Director  |  Ian Gailer  |  With the QCFF since 2015 – – Tw : @igailer

Film Programming

Programming Director  |  Olivier Bilodeau  |  With us since 2011 –

Programming Coordinator  |  Claire Marchal  |  With us since 2018 –

Programming Assistant |  Marine Etcherry |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Programming Consultants |  Alexei Dmitriev, Jake Howell, Laurence Reymond, Céline Roustan

Short films - Preselection comittee |  Vincent Boulet, Daouda Coulibaly, Hélène Dufresne, Marianne Gravel, Alexandre Isabelle, Catherine Pelletier, Jérôme Michaud, Francis Ouellet

Events Programming

Events Programming Coordinator  |  Ariane Fecteau |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D  –

Innovation Delegate  |  Jasmin Hains  |  With us since 2014 

Booking Agent  |  Jean-Baptiste Hervé  |  With us since 2017

Creative Director and Delegate of Events |  Raphaël Posadas  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D

Scenographer  |  Julie Lévesque  |  With us since 2015 

Lighting Designer  |  Bruno Matte  |  With us since 2017


Communications and marketing

Communications and Marketing Directior  |  Virginie Lavoie-Larouche  |  With us since 2016 –

Communications Assistant  |  Alex Lemieux  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Marketing and Public Development Assistant  |  Alice-Ann Busque  |  With us since 2016 –

Media Relations  |  Pointcomm  |  With us since 2013 –

Strategist - Glacial Reality | Marie-Andrée Mackrous | NEW COLLEAGUE :D

Communications and Marketing Delegate | Marie-France Couture | NEW COLLEAGUE :D

Invitations & protocol Manager  |  Élizabeth Cordeau Rancourt  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Photographers  |  Marion Desjardins

Visual Design Conception  |  Criterium Design, Thierry Bouffard, Morisson Films (Québec) and Studio Élément

Graphic Design  |  Criterium Design  |  With us sincee 2014

Translation  |  Textshop Translation  |  With us since 2016

Printing  |  Solisco & Transcontinental  |  With us since 2013

Web  |  iX Media  |  With us since 2015

Production and logistics

Production and logistics Director  |  Guillaume Tessier  | NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Production Assistant  |  John Page  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Guest Office Manager  |  Claire Marchal  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Volunteers Manager  |  Marion Mercier  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D  –

Technical and diffusion

Diffusion & cinematographic experience Director  |  Daniel Charlebois  |  With us since 2015 –

Diffusion Technician  |  Lancelot Normand  |  With us since 2016 –

Print Traffic Coordinator  |  Maryane Drouin  |  With us since 2015 –

Subtitles Coordinator  |  Patrick Paré and Anne-Marie Rivard |  With us since 2015

Subtitles  |  Geneviève Alain, Élise Blanchet, Jean-François Blais, Linda Bouchard, David Couture, Élisabeth Delaney, Daphnée Fecteau, Marie-Ève Gagné, Laurie Gagnon, Ann-Alexandre Gauthier, Paméla Gignac, Kathleen Keller, Caroline Lefeuvre, Seynabou Mbengue, Valérie Pageau, stagiaires de l'Université Laval, sous la direction du Pr. Louis Jolicoeur  |  Helping us since 2015

Technical Services  |  LSM Ambiocréateurs  |

Post Production  |  Peak Media & Studio Élément  |

Association  |  The QCFF would like to thank the work and collaboration of members of Local 523 of the I.A.T.S.E.


Administrative Officer  |  Sylvie Peirolo |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Accounting  |  Mallette  |  With us since 2013 

Box Office Manager  |  Pier-Hugues Madore  |  NEW COLLEAGUE :D –

Box Office Services  |  Beavertix  |  With us since 2014 



Board of Directors



PHILIPPE POULIN, Chair – District Vice President, Fidelity Investments

MÉLANIE CARRIER, Vice-chair – Filmmaker & Producer, MÖ Films 

OLIVIER CROCHETIÈRE, CA., Treasurer – Director of Certification Service, Audet Beaudoin Girard

, Secretary –  To be announced



LYNDA BEAULIEU – Robert Lepage's Agent and President of RLI

VINCENT MASSON – Director of administration & business development, Le Diamant

LUCI TREMBLAY – Consultat in communications

MARIE VAILLANCOURT – VP principal, Cossette Québec

BRUNO DÉRY – Consultant & corporate director

MARIE-CHRISTINE LAFLAMME – Coordinator of Transactional Website Operations, South Shore Furniture

STEVE BLANCHET – Creative director, Ex Machina







MURIEL COMEAU - Author of Children’s Literature

ANDRÉE COSSETTE - Associate managing director, Ubisoft Québec

HÉLÈNE DUFRESNE - Founder, Fondation Dufresne et Gauthier

GISÈLE FOURNIER - Associate, Mallette

RACHEL GRAVEL - Director of Studies, CÉGEP Garneau

SYLVIE LAROCHE - South Shore Furniture

GAÉTAN MORENCY - President and CEO, Grand Théâtre de Québec

JOHN PORTER - Art Historian and Museologist / Honorary Director of the MNBAQ

EVAN PRICE - President and CEO, CO2 Solutions

CLAUDE PROVOST - Senior VP, Shared Services and Organizational Development, Canam Group

FRANÇOIS TARDIF - President, Maibec



          We want to thanks the members of the IATSE's local #523 for their collaboration.



All of you, volunteers friends.

...and you, dear cinephiles.