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It is hard to put into words the magic that happens when the lights of a movie theatre go out before the movie begins. The smell of popcorn, the excitement of novelty or the satisfaction of watching, once again, this movie you loved so much: everything is in place to captivate us.

The Festival perfectly embodies this excitement. Nestled in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world, it turns the 7th art into a real party where everyone is invited as soon as the spotlights light up.

And now, lights, camera, action ... magic!




Éric Amyot
Partner, BCF Business Law

Anne-Marie Laflamme
​Dean, Faculty of Law, Université Laval 


Québec City applauds the dynamic energy of the organizers of the 8th Québec City Film Festival which once again this year has prepared a distinctive, festive and rallying event for us, in keeping with the image of our beautiful capital city.

Come and share the passion of a team devoted to celebrating the 7th art in all its diversity and to letting our talents shine, along with our city and our accent that is unique in the Americas.


Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec city



In keeping with its commitment to promoting Québec movies and the people who make them, Quebecor is proud to support the Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec, a marvelous showcase for the art of cinema. Our love of film is also reflected in Éléphant: The memory of Québec cinema, our large-scale project to preserve Québec’s cinematic heritage. To date, more than 210 feature films have been digitized in high definition and restored.

Enjoy the show everyone!


Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor



When you look at it, there are several similarities between a good movie and going to a restaurant. In both cases, you use many of your senses and try to stimulate emotions that will later become memories. But beyond the decors and ambiances, the one thing that makes a difference is how well the actors play their roles. At Restos Plaisirs, our 900 employees are the guarantee of our success. We all wish you a great film!


Martin Roy, Marketing Director at Groupe Restos Plaisirs



Our government is pleased to support the Festival de cinéma de la Ville de Québec. This festival is a welcome event for film lovers and is a window on a diversified cinematography. 

The privileged place it gives to Quebec productions promotes the influence of local artists. It also reveals to the public the mastery and talent of our seventh art craftsmen, as well as the quality of their work, of which we are all very proud. It is also a real asset for Québec City, which can position itself as a popular destination for creators and film lovers. 


We greet the organizers of this must-attend cultural gathering. Their work and commitment stimulate exchanges between the public and industry professionals. This event contributes to the democratization of cinema, in addition to promoting Québec City beyond its borders.

Good cinema to all!




Geneviève Guilbault
Vice-première ministre
Ministre de la Sécurité publique
Ministre responsable de la région de la Capitale-Nationale

Nathalie  Roy
Ministre de la Culture et des Communications
Ministre responsable de la Langue française 



Festivals play a vital role in ensuring that Canadian films from all regions of our country are discovered and enjoyed, and that Canadian talent is in the spotlight. The Québec City Film Festival provides a unique opportunity to do just that.

At Telefilm Canada, we are committed to seeing even bigger. Our focus is on diversity, a great Canadian asset. We know that these voices will revitalize Canada’s rich cultural heritage and ensure its bright future.

Thank you and enjoy the festival!

Christa Dickenson, Executive Director, Telefilm Canada



As Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, I would like to thank all the cinema enthusiasts who worked together to bring the 8th Québec City Film Festival to life. Once again, this event’s diverse lineup is sure to please both seasoned and novice movie buffs. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful festival!  

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez